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    The woods behind my childhood home in North Carolina held mystery. What lurked in the shadows of tall pines? Such intrigue beckoned me in for exciting adventures. A trunk filled with dress-up clothes completed the ensemble of the intrepid explorer who would dare step foot in the woods, attend the court of mighty kings on the back porch, or try to infiltrate the tree house belonging to my brothers.

    When I moved from the verdant forest to the open plains of Amarillo, TX, I traded that old locale of grand adventures for a new one: books. They became constant friends and still are, today.

    When the little girl inside began to grow up, I moved to Dallas, TX to attend Southern Methodist University There, I earned a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education, with a minor in English Literature, graduating with honors. Even more exciting, however, I married my prince.

    Over the years, many of my fantasies of distant lands have come true. I have traveled through most of Europe, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Cuba and a large portion of the Caribbean. I am fortunate to have many friends around the globe who impart to me a unique perspective on life and the world.

    I have lived in the desert plains of Amarillo, Texas in the rolling hills of rural Boyceville, Wisconsin, and in verdant land of kudzu, Atlanta, Georgia, but my heart is usually somewhere on a beach with the sand between my toes. With such rich experiences to draw upon, I began to write professionally as a freelance journalist. As for photography, in a way I have been capturing images all my life. Photos allow me to freeze a particular moment in time, savor it, revisit it and conjure up the old emotions particular to that event. It is a powerful medium. Please visit the other pages of my website to see what I have been doing lately. New entries are always appearing. And thank you for your support and interest.

Executive Summary:
  • National award-winning Writer.
  • Writing Genres: Travel, How-to, Interview/Profile, Business and Web Copy, Essay, and children's fiction and nonfiction.
  • Cum Laude graduate, S.M.U.
  • Internationally published photographer.
  • Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators member.
  • Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in American Women.
  • Skilled in digital, 35mm, and medium format photography.
  • Creative Writing Certificate, K.S.U.
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