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A Grave Situation

Stamped for all eternity
Names of those we've met,
'Til foul weather erodes away
Dates of birth and death.

All seek a lasting legacy
That rides beyond the storm,
But granite cannot stand the test
Once it has been borne.

We are witnesses, you and I,
Of those who've gone before,
Written in stone and told in stories
Beyond another shore.

Children carry a bit of us
Into that blessed state,
Donning that certain smile or nose
That was theirs by fate.

Still we search for something more,
A posterity of meaning.
The valiant are remembered in song,
For this we go a-gleaning.

But vanity of vanities
In ashes we fall down,
Hopes are dashed upon the rocks,
Mounded upon the ground

Our breath is caught in one swift stroke
Time is but our enemy
There must be something beyond the worm
Something for all eternity

Hope cannot find her fill within,
She'd leave us starved for more.
She needs to dine with her God,
Beyond another shore.


© 2006 Glenda Rogers